Skies Of Fire; T’au & Imperial Navy Clash In Aeronautica Imperialis

June 1, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop is back into the swing of things as they previewed what's popping up for pre-order next week. Aeronautica Imperialis, their sky-soaring miniature wargame, is getting an update with the new Skies Of Fire boxed set which recreates clashes between the T'au and Imperial Navy.

Aeronautica Imperialis Skies Of Fire - Games Workshop

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This is a new way for you to dive into the game and play with a different selection of toys. Here's what you get in the set...

"The T’au force breaks down into three Barracudas and two Tiger Sharks, each with a wide array of weapon options. The Imperium’s forces consist of two Valkyrie Assault Carriers, which can alternatively be built as Vendettas, plus three Lightning Strike Fighters, one of which can be built as a Lightning Fighter."

This is on top of the rules, scenarios, dice and various accessories that allow you to bring these clashes in the sky to life on the tabletop. Everything here is also compatible with the previous Aeronautica Imperialis set, Wings Of Vengeance, so you can simply add to your armada of you're an Imperial Navy player.

I think this is a neat set because it throws a different Xenos threat into the ring. It could well have been another chance to show off Orks but I think it's good that we've got the T'au showing off their sleek and deadly looking fighters. The only other faction I would have been happy to see is Aeldari (and I'm sure they're coming...).

Taros Air War Campaign Book

As well as the Skies Of Fire set above, you'll also be able to chart the progress of your squadrons through the Taros Air War Campaign Book. This is going to be a great way for you and a friend to play through a narrative campaign to see who comes out on top!

-5ed4cbba4ad60--5ed4cbba4ad61Aeronautica Imperialis Taros Air War - Games Workshop.jpg

Here is what you've got to look forward to...

"Taros Air War is a packed campaign book that includes the full game rules, stats, rosters and upgrades for a host of new aircraft, plus special rules and scenarios that will thrill any fan of Aeronautica Imperialis. It’s a must-have reference for new players, or existing ones that want to mix up their games, and it will be available in both hardback and ePub editions."

I think the background on the T’au Air Caste is an element of this book that I'd want to explore in more detail, especially since we tend to only really hear about the Fire Caste who are doing all the fighting on the ground. Also, the fact that you'll be fighting in more dangerous locations (underground, rolling canyons, upper atmosphere and near the ground!) means that it should shake things up a bit too.

Imperial Navy Reinforcements

With a new box and a new book, you might find yourself wanting some reinforcements so there are two new boxes also coming out to support the Imperial Navy in their endeavours.

Imperial Navy Lightning Fighters

Aeronautica Imperialis Lightning Fighters - Games Workshop.jpg

Imperial Navy Valkyrie Assault Carriers

Aeronautica Imperialis Valkyrie Assault Carriers - Games Workshop

The Lightning Fighters come as a box of six miniatures whilst the Valkyrie Assault Carriers are a set of four. Each has a wealth of weapon loadouts and accessories for you to tinker with and gives you new options. The Lightning Fighters are perfect as interceptors and escorts whilst the Valkyries are good for securing positions and rescuing ground forces. They might be the main way that you secure command of the battlefield.

T’au Air Caste Reinforcements

The new boys on the Aeronautica Imperialis block aren't to be outdone either. They also have three extra boxed sets which can be pre-ordered from next weekend.

T'au Air Caste Barracuda Fighters

Aeronautica Imperialis Barracuda Fighters - Games Workshop.jpg

T'au Air Caste Tiger Shark Fighter Bombers

Aeronautica Imperialis Tiger Shark Fighter Bombs - Games Workshop.jpg

Tiger Shark AX-10 Fighter Bombers

Aeronautica Imperialis Tiger Shark Fighter Bombers - Games Workshop

Once again, this gives you a good selection of additional options when diving into your battles. The sleek and deadly design of these aircraft is certainly one of their big plus points if you're looking for something different in the grimdark future. The Barracudas form the backbone of your Air Caste force on the tabletop whilst the Tiger Sharks give you the heavy firepower you need to blast the Imperial Navy from the skies and claim it as your own.

More options are also going to be available including a new Board, Dice, Aircraft & Aces Cards and more to help supplement the release. There is a lot dropping for this next step in the Aeronautica Imperialis saga so make sure to check it out.

What do you make of this new set and do you play Aeronautica Imperialis?

"What do you make of this new set and do you play Aeronautica Imperialis?"

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