New Slaughterborn Chaos Marauder Joining Warcry: Red Harvest

October 27, 2021 by fcostin

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Do you think you have what it takes to survive your way through the Eightpoints? To come out alive through brutality in skirmish combat? Warcry: Red Harvest from Games Workshop is bubbling over, with news on the upcoming details for the mysterious Red Harvest content approaching and potential changes to the game system.

WarCry: Red Harvest Slaughterborn Revealed // Warhammer

But first, what better to get players on board with some shiny new plastic to add to their collection. Teased last week and bringing Chaos Spider-people to the mix - the Broodmaster scuttles over with many a limb and eye to keep you on your toes. With six limbs and a fair few amounts of eyes watching on - something tells me that this baddie doesn't want to spread joy by giving some very invasive cuddles.

This week, being previewed for Warcry is a brand new Chaos Marauder, with the Slaughterborn ready to take some names (and heads) across the Eightpoints.

With familiar aesthetics to the good ol' Chaos Marauders, the Darkoath hero brings fierce savagery to the arena.

"Slaughterborn scream fell oaths into the heavens on the eve of battle, fighting for the blessings of their patrons with every step and stopping at nothing to prove their might on the battlefield."

Marauder - Image Two

Slaughterborn Preview // Warcry

Although we have not heard much information regarding the direction of Warcry, it does leave a lot of us wondering what is new for the games system. Will there be some new rules, or a similar restructure to how Warhammer Underworlds have taken their next path with Harrowdeep?

The end of the video tells community members that "all will be revealed on the 30th October", so all will be revealed at the end of the month for the future of Warcry.

Are you looking to head back into Warcry given the potential changes happening to the game system? 

"With familiar aesthetics to the good ol' Chaos Marauders, the Darkoath hero brings fierce savagery to the arena..."

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