Snap Up Micro Art Studio’s New Tournament Tray Deluxe

April 25, 2018 by brennon

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Tournament Trays have been used by wargamers for a while now, helpful for transporting your miniatures and keeping all of your accessories in one place. Well, Micro Art Studio has made their own version, the Tournament Tray Deluxe, which can be used with a fancy insert too.

Tournament Tray Deluxe - Micro Art Studio

For a limited time, the inserts will be available for the trays, based on the Terminus Segment Mats that Micro Art Studio also produce. So, if you want to get in on that for your Infinity squads then head on over to their webstore.

Tournament Tray Deluxe (Insert Choices) - Micro Art Studio

I think it's neat to have the fabric at the bottom of the tray for one of these. It means if one of your models falls over it isn't going to chip and such. It also provides a much nicer surface to roll dice.

What do you think of their Tournament Trays?

"For a limited time, the inserts will be available for the trays..."

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