A Sneak Peek! Firelock Games’ New Game, Blood & Crowns

May 12, 2023 by brennon

Firelock Games have been dropping some sneaky little hints as to what their next set of rules will be. We've done pirates, explore the Victorian Age and we've headed back to World War I with their games so far and now the focus is shifting to something Medieval. Have a peek at the cover for Blood & Crowns.

Blood & Crowns - Firelock Games

Blood & Crowns // Firelock Games

We don't have too many details about Blood & Crowns as of yet but it will be penned by Eric Hansen and focuses on the clashes during The Hundred Years' War. I'd make a guess that the game is still going to be focused around the 28mm level when it comes to scale, similar to Blood & Plunder, Blood & Valor and Blood & Steel. I would also warrant that we're going to see Firelock publishing the rules but not a miniatures line.

With so many different miniatures out there already for this period, it would make sense to continue down that route and just absolutely nail the rules. There has been a growing trend towards more Medieval-focused games over the last while with The Barons' War (and its expansions), Never Mind The Billhooks and more. It seems knights battling across muddy battlefields whilst arrows rain down around them is where it's at.

We're certainly interested to see where this one goes and can't wait to get a closer look at what Firelock Games have to offer. We'll make sure to drop some updates as and when we get them. For now, you can check out the Blood & Crowns Facebook Group to see what's brewing!

Are you intrigued by Blood & Crowns?

"...it will be penned by Eric Hansen and focuses on the clashes during the Hundred Years' War"

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