Forge Of Ice Sneak Around Sleepy Sentries & Sleazy Merchants On Kickstarter

October 18, 2016 by brennon

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Forge of Ice, run by Alex Bates, is on Kickstarter right now looking to add to their range of human miniatures for the world of Azor. The focus is on a Sleepy Sentries & Sleazy Merchants, a perfect chance to create a stealthy adventure for your heroes on the tabletop.

Sleazy Merchant

The Sleazy Merchant you see above is the villain of the piece. Maybe he has slighted your characters or warband by refusing to pay them or is up to nefarious and dark schemes of his own with strange mystical powers he doesn't understand.

Either way, he has hired guards to protect him but unfortunately they have become quite sleepy!

Sleepy Guards

As mentioned on the Kickstarter these would be great for those looking to put together a narrative scenario where the guards are dozing and your heroes need to sneak around them, avoiding detection so they can strike at the Merchant in his chamber.

However, should they awake then you could swap them out for the Alert Sentries!

Alert Sentries

Now suddenly you have a fight on your hands! It would be neat to include some interesting options here for taking out the Sleepy Sentries subtly so you could remove a few of the problems before you tackle the boss.

The models you see here have been sculpted by both Kev White (Hasslefree) and Bobby Jackson (Reaper) so they're very proficient sculptors!


The Azor range already has a lot to it and some of the models can be added to your pledge. For example, we have the Lord of the Jungle...

Lord of the Jungle

...and the very impressive looking Snakeman, Histath.


While this all works for the world created by Forge of Ice I think these would be great for use in Conan. The flavour of the models feels like it fits with that world but you could also look towards Pulp adventures and more with this collection.

Will you be considering this collection?

"Maybe he has slighted your characters or warband by refusing to pay them or is up to nefarious and dark schemes of his own..."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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