Spectre Get New Drone Operators Ready For A New Form Of Warfare

October 30, 2018 by brennon

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Spectre Miniatures has put together a new set of releases for both their Tier One Operators and Insurgent forces. Both are getting access to new Drones which can be used to strike and survey the area from afar, keeping their Operators out of harm.

Tier 1 Drone Operator - Spectre Miniatures

The first of the Drone Operators you can see here comes with one of the smaller machines that could be used to hum up into the skies and watch for oncoming enemy forces.

These are so small and manoeuvrable that they are unlikely to be seen by the enemy AND they will be giving you a heads up about a potential ambush.

However, due to the fact that these machines are quite easy to pick up, of course, the Insurgents you're going to be fighting against will have them too.

Insurgent Drone Operator - Spectre Miniatures

Included within this package of releases are not just these smaller drones that you see here but also some larger strike drones which could be used to blast the enemy from afar, not just monitor their movements.

Another important aspect of warfare has also been in robotics and so you have pieces like this MAARS Robot that can be used by forces out in the Middle-East and beyond to help them with very hazardous locations.

MAARS Robot - Spectre Miniatures

These are going to be very interesting to see used on the tabletop as they change up the warfare develops, taking away the risk to human beings and instead opens up interesting challenges for both the users and their foes.

Armoured Assault

Sometimes you don't want to be stealthy however and just need to be dumped right into the middle of the action. That is where the big new BMP1 comes in!

BMP1 - Spectre Miniatures

That is a rather awesome looking armoured vehicle to throw into the mix. You will now have a big chunky piece of metal between you and the enemy.

Will you be checking these new releases out?

"...they will be giving you a heads up about a potential ambush"

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