Spooky Undead Halflings Land This Week From TTCombat

October 21, 2020 by brennon

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TTCombat are building up their Fantasy collection this week whilst also offering up a new set of 28mm miniatures with a fun Halloween theme. Halfling armies rise...from their graves!

Halfling Wraith Lord - TTCombat

Halfling Wraith Lord // TTCombat

Leading the way for this army we have the Wraith Lord here who has been summoned from some terrible crypt. I like the idea that this fellow was perhaps damned for his terrible cooking skills by the rest of the Halflings and is now seeking vengeance with his band of Halfling servants.

These servants take the form of a big unit of Skeleton Halflings who are carrying broken hand weapons and shields.

Skeleton Halflings - TTCombat

Skeleton Halflings // TTCombat

It's always fun seeing people making undead miniatures for a race that isn't humans. There is some seriously evil intent baked into these miniatures who look like they are out for blood! I think the painting of these with those glowing eye sockets really makes them pop too.

If you're looking for some ranged support during your games then you also have these Skeleton Halfling Archers.

Skeleton Halfling Archers - TTCombat

Skeleton Halfling Archers // TTCombat

Again, these look martial and half-competent. Despite them being titchy I think that this would be a fearsome force for you to face on the tabletop! All of the core troops have been covered here too as the folks at TTCombat also included these Halfling Pony Riders.

Halfling Pony Riders - TTCombat

Halfling Pony Riders // TTCombat

With nightmare steeds which have been summoned from the beyond and clad in heavy armour, these look like a fun strike force. Everything here matches up nicely to the existing Halfling range by TTCombat and if you're looking at making an army which works with Oathmark's Oathbreaker expansion then maybe the living and the dead could fight together?

Are you liking the look of this funky new set of undead miniatures from TTCombat?

"All of the core troops have been covered here..."

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