Steamforged Take Votes On MegaCon Critical Role Miniature

March 18, 2019 by brennon

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Steamforged Games has begun to take votes for the next Critical Role miniature. You will either be able to pick up Kern or Devan Bluebutton at MegaCon 2019 in Orlando (or via their webstore).

Kern - Steamforged Games

For followers of Critical Role, you might remember Kern from his bouts with Grog in the fighting pits of Vasselheim. Their matches were quite the spectacle and it's great to see this pugilist brought to life.

Pint-Sized Sorcerer

You could also go for Devan Bluebottom, a Halfling Sorcerer from one of Liam's adventures. She was played by Laura Bailey during The Return Of Liam episode.

Devan Bluebutton - Steamforged Games

A very cool miniature indeed, capturing the spellcasting prowess of this little lady. I think of the two I would probably have to say that I'd vote for Kern simply because he was a more central character in the main narrative AND I want to see what people do when they get to work on his wonderful moustache!

Alas, it seems like the original Kickstarter that was looking to bring Vox Machina and The Mighty Nein to the tabletop was delayed at the beginning of March due to quality control issues and those plastics won't be with us until the Summer. It does mean these are a good way of tiding yourselves over until then though.

Which of the two would you vote for?

"I want to see what people do when they get to work on his wonderful moustache! "

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