Relive A Classic With Stone Sword’s Hogs Of War: The Card Game

November 20, 2019 by brennon

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Stone Sword Games are a newer company out there who have taken to Kickstarter with a game which already has a special place in my heart. Check out Hogs Of War: The Card Game which is fundraising right now.

Hogs Of War Card Game - Stone Sword Games

This is a new two-player game where you take on the role of either the Sow-A-Krauts or Tommy's Trotters and battle for control of the tabletop over the course of between thirty-to-sixty minutes. The game features artwork from the very talented Niall McGonagle who has created some funny images which represent both factions in this card game conflict.

Here is a little rundown of how the game plays out. It certainly seems like it evokes the feel of the classic video game, Hogs Of War, which I played constantly for weeks and weeks on end when it originally came out.

Hogs Of War Gameplay - Stone Sword Games

There seems to be a nice bit of back and forth in this game where you're looking to choose the right actions and attack at just the right time in order to take out your opponents. You certainly have to choose properly too as each character on the tabletop has their own abilities you'll want to harness and indeed stop your opponent from harnessing!

The original Hogs Of War video game was essentially a 3D take on classics like Worms but with pigs in place of poking pink folk. It was featured voiceover from the absolutely amazing Rik Mayall who has been immortalised in this card game now as his Lord Flashheart character, changed to Lord Flashhog in this game. It was very funny and where I learned the words 'pillock' and 'berk'.

This game seems to keep that hilarious edge to it throughout play and represented on the cards. This does feel like a proper homegrown game from some folk who really seem to like the subject matter.

Hogs Of War Contents - Stone Sword Games

As well as the core game which you can see the contents for above they have also talked about an expansion for the game too which is Bay Of Pigs which introduces ten new Hog Soldiers and a whole bunch of new skills and deployables which you can to throw into the mix.

Do you think you could be tempted by this game and please let me know if you remember the old video game!

"It was very funny and where I learned the words 'pillock' and 'berk'..."

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