Stronghold’s Civilians Hope To Hold Off A Viking Raid

April 30, 2019 by brennon

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Stronghold Terrain has added a new set of SAGA Civilians onto their webstore for those looking to play our scenarios from the Book Of Battles.

SAGA Civilians #1 - Stronghold Terrain

Inside the set, you get four different characters. The first is an old veteran who has seen far too many winters. You also have two hardy looking ladies, both brandishing items that could still bash your head in if you weren't careful. You also have the younger chap with sword held high...I don't fancy his chances.

SAGA Civilians #2 - Stronghold Terrain

I like the characterful look for most of this set, especially the older fellow and the lady with the baby, but the kid with sword held high looks like his head might be on backwards.

Either way, these would make for perfect civilians in a range of different scenarios and maybe even as Levies in a larger force if you wanted to give a warband a different look.

Will you be considering these?

"...these would make for perfect civilians in a range of different scenarios"

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