Tabletop-Art Puts Together A Collection Of Archetypal Heads

May 19, 2015 by brennon

If you're looking for a set of plain bald male heads for using within your collection of 28mm models then how about these ones from Tabletop-Art? See what you think of the Archetypal Male Heads that could be useful for when you're running low!

Archetypal Male Heads

As you can see they have a range of different expressions ranging from bored to  angry and there are even a few snarls in there too. I could see them being useful for adding into a Space Marine unit potentially since they have the look of someone who has been fighting for decades, maybe even centuries.

They're by no means the best looking heads out there but certainly very useful to have in your bitz box. Maybe if they come up with some generic female heads and some with hair too we'll have quite the neat collection.

Would you use these?

"...they are certainly very useful to have in your bitz box!"

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