Build A Terrific Sci-Fi Train With Modurail On Kickstarter

March 8, 2019 by cassn

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Watcorp Designs have created a ranged of STL 3D print files for a wargaming futuristic 28mm monorail design. The files have been tested across a range of 3D printers to ensure consistency and are printable without supports.


The track is composed of 200mm straights and a 140mm curved V section track, and is mounted on top of support pillars with angled pins, allowing for easy disassembly and storage options.


The trains move along the track via rotating grippers which are mounted on the bases of the engines and carriages.


Currently, the Kickstarter only has the basic pledge option unlocked. However, this includes the standard train engine, a passenger car with sliding doors, a flatbed car, along with 45 and 55 degree track corners, 200mm track straights, supports, and track end buffers.


And, for the modest price tag of £30, backers can get all of this, plus any stretch goals which are unlocked - and there are some really cool ones, including a Gothic engine, an armoured guard van, and toxic sludge carrier carriages!


Modurail is a Kickstarter at it's purest - the greater the backing fuel of the community, the further this engine can go!


Watcorp Designs founder James Watkin is a self-confessed long-time toy soldier player, and I'm always more trusting of campaigns of those who are involved in the hobby. Head over to the Modurail Kickstarter now for more information.

Do you prefer to buy products from people you know are genuine hobbyists?

"A Kickstarter at it's purest!"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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