Meet The Texas Rangers Of Knuckleduster’s Gunfighter’s Ball

July 28, 2021 by brennon

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Knuckleduster Miniatures has put together a new set for those wanting to play out Wild West adventures on the tabletop. The Texas Rangers are here to get their bounty in Gunfighter's Ball.

Texas Rangers Faction - Gunfighters Ball

Texas Rangers Faction // Gunfighter's Ball

This faction is currently "coming soon" as the webstore is closed at present but they will be up there shortly for those wanting to dive into some Wild West action. The miniatures themselves are made in metal and come in around the slightly larger side of 28mm.

The set comes with Jack Knife, Captain Warner, Woodford, Arthur, Gates and Pig Eye. I'm sure absolutely all of them have some link to a historical figure or a character from a film. You get bonus points from me if you can work out where!

I think this is another characterful set from the folks at Knuckleduster Miniatures. You've got some fun characters that could make a great themed posse although they also might be useful as surprise characters rocking up to cause havoc for your various outlaw gangs.

What do you make of the Texas Rangers?

"You've got some fun characters that could make a great themed posse..."

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