New Warrior Thanes Join The Troll Wars Of The Elf King

February 7, 2019 by brennon

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Lucid Eye continues to build an impressive world full of rich characters for their game, The Red Book Of The Elf King. The latest Troll Wars supplement threw a new conflict into the midst of the internal struggles within the Fae realm and with that came new characters ready to lead their Circle or warband to victory.

Greng Elftroll - Lucid Eye

The first of these is Greng Elftroll, a man who you might have guessed has both Elf and Troll blood running through his veins. Whilst he is often reviled and hated by both sides he has won favour in battle and so can command either Companions or Thralls. He has also mastered both the Fae Glamours and the Troll Secrets making him a potent Thane to use on the tabletop.

His realm is one that he has carved out for himself known as Rhedenhal.

Old Bones

The second character we're meeting is one of the Nordane Chieftains, Vhenlan Rhengwulf.

Vhenlan Rhengwulf - Lucid Eye

He is said to be some 200 years old and first fought on the battlefield when he was but twelve! Legends tell that he killed a Roethic Knight at the Battle of Five Fingers back then and ever since he has commanded the respect his clan with many deeds told of his exploits.

From The Depths

Last but not least we have The Sea Thane that we showed off last week in a sneak preview from Lucid Eye.

The Sea Thane - Lucid Eye

He dwells beneath the waters in The Teeth Of Sievrae where the Handmaids Of Ulsane bring unfortunate souls down into the watery depths to meet their doom. There are tales told of times where The Sea Thane will ransom back his captives if you're lucky so that he can wrap his fingers around rare stones and secret Glamours of his own.

This set of three new characters adds more options into the mix for playing The Elf King.

Which of the three would you serve under?

"This set of three new characters adds more options into the mix for playing The Elf King..."

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