The Acolytes Are Coming To Purgatory In Upcoming Kickstarter This March

January 21, 2019 by deltagamegirl22

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The War For Heaven continues as we will be seeing Purgatory head back to Kickstarter March 1st with a new faction, The Acolytes-Disciples of Marut.

This is one of those games that definitely begs a closer look. The theme is inventive with a really creative take on what angels would look like here on Earth. They do a brilliant job meshing the world of "Heaven" with pop culture. Yes, traditionally St. Peter guards the pearly gates, but have you ever considered what St. Peter would look like as a bouncer?

And how about Eve portrayed not as her young, beautiful self, but instead an elderly woman with the title of "Death," dragging her scissors that cut the threads of life for others?

This is precisely why I'm charmed by this game. To date, there are 3 factions in existence to get up and running in the game including: The Soul Train, Murder Inc, and the Gangbangers (get your mind out of the gutter- it's a play on words). But there are also models for upcoming factions as well, each with more character than the one before, and in March Purgatory is heading back to Kickstarter to introduce yet another faction to the mix- The Acolytes- Disciples of Marut. I don't know much at this time, but I love the look of the artwork.

And to sweeten the appeal even more, Purgatory and Mythos are teaming up for a crossovers for their 2 systems! Why not? Their news release stated: Purgatory and Mythos are joining forces in their upcoming Kickstarter's, where crossover models will be released that can be played in both settings, this includes fresh recruits specific to each world.

"Madness is coming, but this time it's from an unknown enemy. Fresh invaders have infiltrated our planet, bringing new horrors and threaten our very existence."

Will you be delving into the world of Purgatory this March?

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