The Earps Ride In For Knuckleduster’s Gunfighter’s Ball

September 14, 2020 by avernos

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Knuckleduster Miniatures have unleashed a hail of lead (or lead free pewter) for Gunfighter's Ball. September brings three new releases to help to tame the Wild West. A set of mounted lawmen, a character card booster for your games and a Telegraph office are all now available to bring the West into your homes and onto your tabletop.

The Earp Faction // Knuckleduster Miniatures

First up are the mounted Earps, these gentlemen are one of the reasons the West was not OK. This set includes Wyatt, Virgil, Turkey Creek Johnson, Texas Jack Vermillion, Doc Holiday, and Sherm McMasters. Since Morgan Earp was out of action early in the story of the Earps, he's replaced by an Earp ally in this pack. McMasters has not appeared before, so this set includes a dismounted version of him as well.

Anyone who has seen the film Tombstone will know all of these characters and the sculpts borrow from the look of the actors from that film and I'm one hundred percent behind that. It's a classic film and really show's how brutal the cow towns could be when the law was little more than another gang on the streets themselves. The miniatures look fantastic and it's things like these that make me want to throw the DVD on and get involved in the last ride of Wyatt Earp and his immortals. That film would also serve as a great set of linked scenarios to play a campaign between the Earps and the Clantons.

Character Card Booster II // Knuckleduster Miniatures

The set of 20 cards include the Linguine Western Faction, their Henchmen, and some grizzly Frontiersmen. It also has some previously unreleased oddballs like Groin Shot McGhee and Dan McGann, the 3-legged man. A pair that should never meet for reasons. The cards are tarot sized and make playing out your games of Gunfighter's Ball much easier, grab a dry wipe marker and get to shootin'.

Telegraph Office // Knuckleduster Miniatures

The final release for September is the Telegraph Office. This MDF kit gives you another option to populate your town. It comes with a Telegraph Office sign, but can be used for any narrow commercial building, these  small false-front buildings are really evocative of the West, and even a few of these style of buildings clustered around a single street is enough on a tabletop to give you the feeling of playing out a movie. Western buildings lend themselves to MDF perfectly with their simple style easily replicated and the nail marks in the boards are a neat little touch that set it off beautifully.

September's releases look terrific for your Wild West fix, but don't think they're resting on their laurels and October's schedule is well on its way, you may have seen the renders for the Bad Guys gang a few weeks ago here. Well since then the last member of their posse has been unveiled and don't let those angel eyes fool you into thinking he won't shoot you in your back if you get between him and his goal.

Duvene // Knuckleduster Miniatures

With six more reasons, the west was wild on the way soon after the future is looking bright for the old west.

I'm your huckleberry

"The miniatures look fantastic and it's things like these that make me want to throw the DVD on and get involved in the last ride of Wyatt Earp and his immortals. "

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