The Wood Elves Dance Back Onto The Blood Bowl Pitch

June 3, 2019 by dracs

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Games Workshop announced the return of the Wood Elves to the pitches of Blood Bowl as the new miniatures for the Athelorn Avengers are revealed.

The Wood Elves are one of the most athletic teams in Blood Bowl, able to dance circles around the other teams with impunity. Their agility allows them to pull off some absolutely astounding plays and passes, but as their lack of armour (or clothes) suggests they're not always that good at taking a hit.

According to Warhammer Community, this set is one of the most customisable currently available in Blood Bowl, with plenty of options for head swaps and lots of fluid stances to choose from.

The Wood Elves were one of my favourite factions of The World That Was and this was carried over into their Blood Bowl team. This new set carries a lot of their original style, really leaning into the whole wardancer look.

Is this a team you plan to support?

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