Thor, Loki & A New Wave Of Marvel: Crisis Protocol Heroes Soon!

October 22, 2019 by brennon

Atomic Mass Games keep up the tempo with releases for Marvel: Crisis Protocol as they show off some characters that got me rather excited. Leading the way we have Thor & Valkyrie.

Thor & Valkyrie - Marvel Crisis Protocol

This set comes with Thor & Valkyrie who have been based on their comic book interpretations which is neat to see. It is rather cool that Atomic Mass has managed to strike a good balance between characters which look like a mix they are from the films and others that are drawn from the pages of a comic whilst still keeping a coherent aesthetic all the way through.

I am so on board with creating a team of Asgards most powerful with Thor, Valkyrie and Loki teaming up alongside Hulk perhaps? We could get some Ragnarok going on up in here! Speaking of Loki, he has been paired up with Hela.

Loki & Hela - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Once again we're seeing some action-packed miniatures. I'm a little unsure of the paint job here on Loki as it stands but I think that Hela looks bloomin' amazing! We've seen the plastic miniatures from the core set already and they did have very clear lines which showed off which areas you should paint in particular colours so I'm hoping the same goes with models like Hela and Loki here where you're going to have to be a little careful here and there.

Finally, for this next wave, we have a few more characters who would be a good fit for those bringing the Avengers together and pitting friend against friend.

Vision & Winter Soldier - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Vision here is the star of the set I think. It's awesome seeing him phasing through the wall and just about ready to deal out his own personal brand of justice. He seems imperious and calm, just as you'd imagine Vision to be. Winter Soldier does also look neat but perhaps it would have been nice to see him in a more action-packed pose? I'd have liked to see him posed with gun to the side, metal arm raised up almost as if it's ready to catch Cap's shield!

As it stands though, this is another cool set of miniatures for the expanding Crisis Protocol range. I already have a load of team ideas brewing in my mind and slowly but surely they're bringing the Avengers together in some interesting ways too.

Throwin' Stuff!

As well as these models we should also mention another scenery pack is also on the way.

Commercial Trucks - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Here you get the option to build one of two big NYC Commercial Trucks which seem like perfect fodder for being picked up and/or having people thrown into them. This kind of interactive terrain is what brings Crisis Protocol up to that next level and adds the cinematic factor that we all want in our superhero games.

Which of the packs interests you most and what teams are you going to build?

Note: The article previously mentioned two trucks coming in the terrain pack this was incorrect, it is a dual kit allowing the build of either variant.

"Which of the packs interests you most and what teams are you going to build?"

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