The Mighty Thunder Lizard Stomps Into AntiMatter’s Lost World

August 30, 2019 by brennon

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AntiMatter Games has been teasing some upcoming dinosaurs for use in the world of ShadowSea. This newest creature, the Triplehorn Thunder Lizard, is going to be part of a new Lost World Kickstarter which will be coming soon.

Triplehorn Thunder Lizard - AntiMatter Games

The focus of this particular Kickstarter won't be to provide actual miniatures but instead a lot of STL files for creatures, characters, monsters and elements of scenery. This means that they would be great for those that play ShadowSea and also own a 3D printer!

Triplehorn Thunder Lizard (Alt) - AntiMatter Games

This towering creature is an awesome addition to the range from AntiMatter Games. I am also a massive fan of dinosaurs so it's always good to see more models popping up for use in tabletop games.

Since this collection is focused on all manner of Lost World creatures you could use them for your Pulpy adventures too if you don't want to dive into the likes of DeepWars and ShadowSea.

Which dinosaurs would you like to see sculptors work on?

"Which dinosaurs would you like to see sculptors work on?"

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