Book Your Ticket for Delta Station From Wyrm Forge

June 20, 2024 by avernos

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Wyrm Forge has been producing some fantastic miniatures for other people for a long time, casting in metal, resin, and even 3D printing they are masters of their craft. Late last year they took over some of the Westfalia sculpts to begin producing their own miniature ranges and this has been followed by their own sculpts. The newest of these is for the upcoming set of Delta Station sci-fi character models.

WyrmForge_Delta Station

Wyrm Forge // Delta Station

Delta Station will aim to launch nine shiny new science-fiction characters onto your tabletop in crisp resin. Featuring a mix of humans, aliens, and robots they are the day to day denizens of Delta Station and as such are mostly in civilian gear. No need for weapons when there are some space cops around. The miniatures have a great low tech sci-fi feel, something that you may see in 1970s tv and movies and as such will be nailed on for the likes of 7TV, but would work equally well as crew or NPCs for Stargrave.

Delta Station // Le Zonion

The miniatures have been painted by Le Zonion and they've used a colourful range of pallets to really evoke that 70s feel. The figures look superb and the paint job really makes me want to start rewatching some classic sci-fi to get me in the mood for when they go live. The campaign is due to launch in July and you can sign up now to be notified when it launches.

What would you use this misfit crew for on the fringe?

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