Titan Forge Release Their Second Wave of Dwarfs

November 4, 2014 by dracs

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Titan Forge's last Kickstarter brought us a load of awesome miniatures for two alternative armies of dwarfs and now the second wave of these new models have been released onto their webstore.

Metal Beards and Sons of Kashan Vra

Titan Forge came out with some very imaginative sculpts for the Metal Beards dwarfs and their evil cousins the Sons of Kashan Vra. Both were characterised by cool, steampunk style contraptions, many of which can be seen in this new set of releases.

Of all of them, my favourite has to be the Metal Beards' Ancient Forge.

Ancient Forge

This to me is the epitome of Titan Forge's dwarfs and makes for a fantastic centre piece in an army of these proud bearded warriors.

Do you prefer the Metal Beards, or the Sons of Kashan Vra? Have you been waiting for any of these to get released?

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