The Tranquillity Crew Get Resculpted For Blackwater Gulch

October 12, 2016 by brennon

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Following on from their successful Kickstarter campaign we're getting our first look at the new Tranquility Crew sculpts for Blackwater Gulch by Gangfight Games.

Captain Nathan Reinholdt

Leading the way we have a new sculpt of Captain Nathan Reinholdt who looks like he'd be good at the head of a posse heading into town. It always pays to have some more knives on your person too - you can never have too many.

Following on from him we have Adam James who comes armed to the teeth with a long rifle and another one strapped to his back.

Adam James

If both of those fail him then he could always whip out the revolver at his side too. I imagine he will spend plenty of time in his bunk polishing his weapons.

Lastly, we have Reverend Shepard trying to save their souls out there in the Wild West.

Reverend Shepard

It's neat to see him with a shotgun (shotguns are just awesome) but I reckon he might have been cool with a revolver in hand instead perhaps? Either way I'm sure he'll be able to take down whatever cruel beast of the night threatens the crew.

What do you think of the updated sculpts?

"I imagine he will spend plenty of time in his bunk polishing his weapons..."

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