TTCombat Rebuild Streets Of Venice With New Carnevale Terrain

March 15, 2019 by dracs

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TTCombat are returning the streets of Venice to their former glory. Having recently discontinued some of their Carnevale terrain, now they are bringing them back either updated or rebuilt from the ground up.

TTCombat have designed these new terrain pieces with ease of play in mind. Sometimes, this has just meant little tweaks such as increasing the size of the floor joints or reinforcing the roofs to allow for dice rolling on them.

With others, it meant adding new things to the kit. instead of getting a small building and then having to buy add-on kits to make the kind of building you are after, now all the extra balconies, roofs, and terraces are included in the base kit.

There are also some things that are entirely new, such as the massive Palazzo Lucia.

In total, there are seven Streets of Venice kits going up for sale, and while they won't all be grand houses like the one above, together they will allow you to make an effective and robust layout for your games of Carnevale.

What sort of terrain would you like to see released for the city of Venice?

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