Face UFOs & Mighty Aircraft Carriers In Dystopian Wars Soon

May 24, 2023 by brennon

Warcradle Studios have revealed the new sets coming up for Dystopian Wars for the month of June! There are some weird and wonderful miniatures as part of this new set of releases which will be intriguing for those fighting on the high seas and soaring through the skies. See what you think...

Thule Battlefleet Set - Dystopian Wars

Thule Battlefleet Set // Dystopian Wars

The first of the sets is pretty darn awesome and is most definitely going to be spooking some people as they drone through the skies, emerging from the clouds and looking to strike at those beneath them. This is the Thule Battlefleet Set for those playing as The Enlightened.

If you're looking for something different to pick up and paint as part of Dystopian Wars then this might be the set for you. No one is entirely sure how they work in-world and I would bet the average sailor will end up having their mind boggled by these hitting the battlefield.

The miniatures look great and would be great fun to paint, especially if you wanted to focus on some object source lighting around the bottom of the craft. You can blast some crop circles into the land with the Thule-Skyfortress, an Adamski Strike Saucer and six of the smaller Euclid Scout Saucers. There are variant builds for both the Adamski and the Euclid so you've got some different weapon loadouts to choose from.

Minerva Battlefleet Set

The Alliance can also call on some reinforcements in the form of the Minerva Battlefleet Set. This, again, comes with a hefty-looking ship at the centre of it alongside some much needed support ships.

Minerva Battlefleet Set - Dystopian Wars

Minerva Battlefleet Set // Dystopian Wars

At the heart of this Battlefleet is the Minerva and this is going to be handy for striking deep into the heart of the foe and unleashing aircraft by the bucketload. It's a gorgeous miniature packed with detail and I think it would be great fun to see what people do with the decking and the extra fancy elements on the side of the hull.

As well as the Minerva Assault Carrier, you also get three Scorpio Artillery Cruisers, three Gladius Strike Cruisers, six Cestus Zebeks, six Pugio Destroyers and finally, three Sagitta Hunter Submarines. The two Cruisers sets have some alternative builds for you to play around with, allowing you to build your fleet to suit the enemies you're coming up against.

Commonwealth Advanced Squadron

If you're looking to build up support for the Commonwealth then you've also got a new Advanced Squadron that you can use for your games.

Commonwealth Advanced Squadrons - Dystopian Wars

Commonwealth Advanced Squadrons // Dystopian Wars

This set comes with some great additional units to throw into the mix as you're looking for new options. The star of the show for this set is the addition of the two Irkutsk Skydrills but you've also got some Giyena Shockwave Hovercraft as well if you're looking to support the Skydrills as they power through the clouds. This set is then capped off by the four Escort Tokens which are going to be handy!

Sturginium Platforms & Objectives Set

Last but not least, we have some brilliant plastic sets from Warcradle for those wanting to add key objectives and terrain to their tabletops in Dystopian Wars. Here we have the Sturginium Platforms & Objectives Set.

Sturginium Platforms & Objectives Set - Dystopian Wars

Sturginium Platforms & Objectives Set // Dystopian Wars

These are very versatile and modular terrain pieces for you to use in your games. You get two sets of Large Platforms and two sets of Small Platforms that can be built in a variety of ways and armed with weaponry if you want to give them some defensive capabilities. When things go wrong, there are also a collection of Wreck Markers for marking when things go boom and you've also got the Mines which will be great for trying to funnel your enemy into your gunline that is lying in wait.

Some solid releases from Warcradle for Dystopian Wars for the month of June. Watch out for pre-order soon and make sure to dive into more of the lore for these miniatures HERE.

Drop your thoughts on the miniatures below, especially the Thule Battlefleet!

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"Some solid releases from Warcradle for Dystopian Wars for the month of June..."

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