Undead Graveyard III Kickstarter Provides Truly Terrifying Terrain

May 10, 2019 by cassn

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Hammerlot Games have emerged once again from the ethereal mists to bring forth a contorted offering of truly terrifying terrain in their Undead Graveyard III Kickstarter!


Raise ghastly spirits from broken tombs, call upon the power of the Ancient Ones under cursed trees, or hide from zombies behind walls dashed with hundreds of skulls!


This is the third Undead terrain Kickstarter from Hammerlot Games, and for those who missed out on their previous offerings, all past terrain can be purchased in this latest Kickstarter as an add-on!


All terrain is cast in high-quality resin and suitable for both 28mm and 30mm miniatures. I personally think that the Nighthaunt Black Coach would look amazing recklessly traveling through this super spooky graveyard!


The campaign has also unlocked some really cool stretch goal accessories. The higher your pledge level, the more accessories you get!


Undead Graveyard III was fully funded in under one hour and, much like an undead horde, there seems to be no stopping its relentless progression! Drag your decomposing limbs over to the campaign page for further information.

What game would you design with this terrain? Tell us below!

"Call upon the power of the Ancient Ones under cursed trees!"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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