New Undead Pirates Sail The Seas From Black Scorpion

November 16, 2020 by brennon

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Black Scorpion Miniatures is growing their pirate crew for use in Cutlass! and beyond with a new set of skeletal swashbucklers now available over on their webstore.

Undead Pirates 4 Unpainted - Black Scorpion Miniatures

Undead Pirates Unpainted // Black Scorpion Miniatures

This set of scurvy dogs are all one-piece resin miniatures which you are now able to snag from their webstore. They have that same ragged and ghostly look which I think suits their Undead Outlaws from Tombstone with just enough bones on show to get across that rattling skeleton vibe. I love the heroic proportions too which give the miniatures some heft.

Undead Pirates 4 Painted - Black Scorpion Miniatures

Undead Pirates Painted // Black Scorpion Miniatures

If you're looking to make a crew of Undead Pirates with some style then these seem neat! They should be easy to paint as well with their aged bones, ratty clothing and rusted weapons at the ready. A perfect spectral host for the tabletop.

Are you tempted by these new miniatures?

"A perfect spectral host for the tabletop..."

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