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Clansmen & Highlanders Join Black Scorpion’s Collection


Black Scorpion Miniatures is honing in on a set of new releases soon as a sort of Virtual Salute, making up for the fact that we don't have an event this year. New 32mm Fantasy/Historical miniatures are making their way to their webstore for Cutlass! and Breninmoor.

Meet Bonny & Raid Black Scorpion’s New Tombstone Store


The folks at Black Scorpion Miniatures have been showing off a few new releases over the last few months. October and September bring new miniatures for both Cutlass! and Tombstone so you'll find something new for both the Wild West and the Golden Age Of Piracy.

Black Scorpion Tease Cutlass! & Tombstone Releases For 2021


Black Scorpion Miniatures has been teasing more of what is going to be popping up next year in 2021.

New Undead Pirates Sail The Seas From Black Scorpion


Black Scorpion Miniatures is growing their pirate crew for use in Cutlass! and beyond with a new set of skeletal swashbucklers now available over on their webstore. 

Black Scorpion Have A Giant Kickstarter Coming For Cutlass!


Black Scorpion does some fantastic miniatures for their games, one in particular stands head and shoulders (and knees) above the rest and that is the immense giant for their game of fantasy piracy Cutlass!

Weekender: WIN Warhammer 40K Indomitus + Fantastic Wild West & Pirate Miniatures


This week on The Weekender we're looking at a cool new Ultra Modern wargame called Battlespace plus delving into the Black Scorpion Miniatures range in Indie Of The Week. Also, Kickstarters and much more too!

Black Scorpion Show Off Their Salute Weekend Goodies!


Black Scorpion Miniatures were going to be releasing a bunch of new models at Salute this weekend but since it was cancelled they decided to sort out an online sale which features a bunch of new and old characters from their collection.

Community Spotlight: Orc Captains, Infinity Inspiration & Sci-Fi Explorers


Come and join us for another dive back into the painting awesomeness going on with our community this week.

Black Scorpion’s Salute Pirate Boards Ebay


Every year, Black Scorpion sculpt up a special model for Salute. This year it was a fantastic pirate figure and now this limited edition model is available for those who couldn't make it to the event. 

Black Scorpion Take Us To The Fantasy World Of Breninmoor


Black Scorpion Miniatures are bringing a whole host of new releases to Salute this year.

Black Scorpion’s Cutlass! Rules Now FREE To Download


Black Scorpion Miniatures has made their rules for Cutlass! free to download. You can snag your copy of these skirmish game rules HERE. 

Black Scorpion Share Their Salute Wares This Weekend!


Black Scorpion is going to be coming along to Salute this year with some awesome bits and bobs for you.

Black Scorpion Show Off Cowgirls, Pirates & Ogres


Black Scorpion have shown us what's currently sitting on the workbench and what we can look forward to over the next few weeks and months. They have quite a varied selection of ranges now all with very nicely sculpted resin miniatures...

Amass A Pirate Crew & Play Football In The Jungle With Black Scorpion


See what you make of Black Scorpions amazingly huge haul of new resin miniatures coming to Salute 2015 including their special edition piece.

A Beautiful Buccaneer Makes Port at Black Scorpion Miniatures


More law breakers of the high seas are getting ready to enter the crews of Black Scorpion Miniatures' skirmish game Cutlass, the first of which is the exciting general release version of their limited edition Salute miniature.

Last Chance To Grab The Salute Exclusive Esmerelda


Get looting and pillaging under the thumb of this Pirate Queen from Black Scorpion.

Black Scorpion Show off their Salute Releases!


Black Scorpion are back firing on all cylinders for Salute 2012.

Game Tips: When to React in a Game of Cutlass


Andy has a chat with Adam & Kane about the tactics of reacting in your games of Cutlass.

Game Tips: Melee Weapons in Cutlass


Andy and the guys from Black Scorpion get a look at all the cool melee weapons you can arm your crew with, from mighty axe's, right the way down to a goblin with a pointy stick!

Game Tips: Throwing Grenades in a game of Cutlass


Another tale from the high seas, as we learn how in Cutlass, a rum soaked sea dog can ruin your day with a few grenades.

Hiding & Cover in a Game of Cutlass


Andy and the guys from Black Scorpion take a look at the mechanics of hiding and cover in a game of Cutlass.

Game Tips: The Cutlass Giant


Well, Cutlass week was a roaring success and hopefully all ye swabs out there have been picking up some gangs and been thinking about starting some swashbuckling adventures. So, to help you along, Adam, Kane & Andy check out how to use the massive Giant for Cutlass.

Tudor Shop: Perfect for Your Pirate Town!


To round-up Cutlass Week we have this download from Dave Graffam Models. Combine this Tudor Shop with the other Townhouse model and you will have the start of a great looking pirate town!

What’s coming next from Black Scorpion?


Well guys its the end of Cutlass Week, but before we go, theres one last interview with Adam & Andy where they talk about all the other great ranges that Black Scorpion make, including their fantastic Fantasy Football teams.

Cutlass Game Design


Andy chats with Adam from Black Scorpion about how they went about designing Cutlass and any future plans.

Faction Breakdown: The Undead


The shambling curse of the high seas! Andy and Adam discuss the most sinister faction in the Cutlass game... the Undead!

Faction Breakdown: The Royal Navy


Andy & Adam discuss the scourge of the Cutlass world, the Royal Navy. No pirate is safe with a naval vessel in port.

New Elf Pirates from Black Scorpion


Avast me hearties! If lilly-livered Elfs be what yer about, then yar goin' ta need te get over te the Black Scorpion website and grab yerself some of these tasty beauties!

Faction Breakdown: Privateers


What's the difference between a Pirate and a Privateer? Why a letter of marque dear boy! Andy and Adam, discuss the Cutlass faction who skirt the edges of maritime law... the Privateers.

Faction Breakdown: Orc Gangs


Greenskin Pirates... what's not to love? Adam and Andy discuss the brutal realities of the Orc faction for Cutlass.

Breaking Down the Cutlass Board


Well... that's a wrap... now all we have to do is restore our gaming table to its former glory!

Faction Breakdown: Elf Gangs


Some might think they's mighty pretty, but they's also a might deadly... Aaaargh! Adam and Andy discuss the pros and cons of the Elf faction for Cutlass.

Faction Breakdown: Dwarf Gangs


So ye want yer Pirates ta be stunty do ye? Adam and Andy check out the Dwarf faction for the Cutlass game.

Cutlass Campaigns… How do they Work?


Andy has a chat with Black Scorpion's Adam about the rules governing campaigns and how to advance your gangs to victory... grog and treasure!

Building The Cutlass Pirate Board Part Two


Here's part two of our build video for the Cutlass table. This time your going to see how we got the sand effect and where we got the great pirate buildings from.

Building The Cutlass Pirate Board Part One


An insider look at how we converted our Forest board into a mighty Pirate Scene for the Cutlass Coverage.

Faction Breakdown: Pirate Gangs


It's time ta get down ta the nitty-gritty ye swabs! First up Black Scorpion's Adam and our very own Bosun Porkloaf discuss the finer points of the Pirate faction in Cutlass.

Race Playstyles in Cutlass


Are you unsure about the factions in Cutlass? Andy and Adam from Black Scorpion, take a walk though the different factions and get an overview of the game setting in the process.

Do Ye Needs Some Pirate Terrain?


If ye be wanting to play Cutlass, yer going ta need some proper pirate terrain fer yer table... Let's see what that scurvy dag Dave Graffam has ta offer!

Cutlass Week Competition… win some Cutlass Crews!


It wouldn't be a themed week without a competition... So watch this ye swabs and join in to win a set of Cutlass Crews for yerself and yer first mate!

How to Play Cutlass


The Andy and the guys from Black Scorpion run through the rules of Cutlass and throw a few dice around just for good measure!

Introduction to Cutlass Week


So the good ship Beasts of War is setting sail to play a week of piratical fun with the guys from Black Scorpion.

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