Clansmen & Highlanders Join Black Scorpion’s Collection

April 12, 2022 by brennon

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Black Scorpion Miniatures is honing in on a set of new releases soon as a sort of Virtual Salute, making up for the fact that we don't have an event this year. New 32mm Fantasy/Historical miniatures are making their way to their webstore for Cutlass! and Breninmoor.

Breninmoor Clansmen #1 - Black Scorpion Miniatures

Cutlass! Clansmen // Black Scorpion Miniatures

First up, we have a set of the Cutlass! Clansmen. If you're looking for a band of surly Scotsmen then these cut the mustard. Each of them is armed with cutlasses alongside daggers and pistols. More importantly, they each have their own character to them from the young(er) hot-head (left) to the wild (and possibly drunk) individual on the right.

This set is designed for Cutlass! (although it can be used for all manner of other games too) and could nicely fit into something Fantastical or Historical. There's nothing either way that would drag you too far down one route or another.

Breninmoor Highlanders!

As well as the Clansmen adding a Scottish vibe to your games of Cutlass!, we also got a look at some new Highlanders that have been designed to match their Fantasy Breninmoor collection.

Breninmoor Clansmen #2 - Black Scorpion Miniatures

Breninmoor Highlanders // Black Scorpion Miniatures

As you can see, they've still got that Historical Scottish vibe but then you also have the slightly more exaggerated weapons and such. I love the chap with the big stone mallet that is clearly going to stove someone's head in and the proud Highlander in the middle with his nifty axe. The chap with the sword next to him is mighty familiar too!

A nice mix of 32mm miniatures for you to use across both your Fantasy and Historical games. These resin miniatures are going to be popping up on the Black Scorpion webstore this weekend so keep an eye out!

Are you tempted by these be-kilted killers?

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