Meet Bonny & Raid Black Scorpion’s New Tombstone Store

October 14, 2021 by brennon

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The folks at Black Scorpion Miniatures have been showing off a few new releases over the last few months. October and September bring new miniatures for both Cutlass! and Tombstone so you'll find something new for both the Wild West and the Golden Age Of Piracy.

Bonny - Cutlass

Bonny // Cutlass!

The first miniature that we're going to be looking at is for Bonny here. She is a Female Pirate Captain for you to drop into your games of Cutlass! and comes as a mostly single-piece resin miniature in 32mm. Her sword is separate but other than that it should be nice and easy to get paint down on her and have her table ready!

I like that she's different from other female pirate miniatures we've seen from the Cutlass! range. She seems like she could heft you up and toss you over the side, never mind telling you to walk the plank.

Raid The Local Store

As well as the new Pirate Captain, we also have this new resin Store kit from Black Scorpion Miniatures. This is a substantial resin building that features lots of detail and is playable thanks to a removable roof.

Store - Black Scorpion Miniatures

Store // Black Scorpion Miniatures

A lot of the piece has been left for you to customise. It wouldn't take long to work on the signs on the front of the store. I absolutely love that the way this has been brought to life means that you've got insane amounts of detail worked into the wood. This would pop very quickly with a generous application of Contrast paint.

Store Components - Black Scorpion Miniatures

Store Components // Black Scorpion Miniatures

The interior of the building is also similarly detailed and should pop once you add in a bit of scatter terrain. A counter, some produce and perhaps a few chairs and tables would really set this off. I really like the little pile of good and such outside too. It's bits and pieces like this that really sell terrain and give it some narrative.

Are you going to be adding this to your collection?

"She seems like she could heft you up and toss you over the side, never mind telling you to walk the plank..."

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