Underestimated Games Shows Off Fantastic New Box Art For Purgatory

June 19, 2018 by deltagamegirl22

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As you see; when a game really starts to come into its own, you often get to see it blossom in upgrades...

This week Underestimated Games is showing off the stunning new art for its cohort boxes for Purgatory.

Aside from the unique theme of the game (the War for Heaven), I was immediately drawn into the world of Purgatory with its eye-catching artwork. The vibrant colours and very specific style just draws you right in and you want to learn about the characters.

ror artwork

Our friends at Underestimated Games have now gotten far enough along into their game that those individual cohort boxes are getting some love which means shiny new box art!

On top of just looking fantastic, the new boxes for Purgatory feature a lower price point to help gamers get into the game with everything they need to get playing without a high model count. One of the other points that really sold me on this game is the fact that you can choose to play with any model, even if they are not technically part of your cohort.

You gain bonuses if you run models that are cohesive, but if you just have to have that certain model on your side, you can make it happen!

Who will you side with during the War for Heaven in Purgatory?

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