Unleash The Beast As Anvil’s Werewolf Leaps Forth

October 14, 2016 by brennon

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We saw this earlier in the week and now it has been unleashed upon the webstore from Anvil Industry. A snarling Werewolf is coming to tear into your enemies!


This beast could be the result of some foul experiment gone wrong or maybe the creature, in its human form, wished to be turned into this slavering beast in order to enact some revenge. The manacles on his wrists, however, speak to his incarceration.

Werewolf (Back)

The model can be used for both Fantasy and Sci-Fi games due to the nature of the bitz you have available to you. For example, you might want to remove the small tanks on his back if you wanted to make him fit into your Fantasy world.

You can see how he compares against other Heroic Scale models below...

Werewolf (Scale)

It would be nice to see him dropped into a game of Kill Team or something where a strange creation has escaped from a research facility. One side is trying to put him down while the other is looking to capture him to perform experients.

What do you think of this Halloween beast?

"The manacles on his wrists, however, speak to his incarceration..."

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