Vampires & Lizardy Witch Slayers; New ShadowSea Expansion Art

August 22, 2018 by brennon

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AntiMatter Games continue to reveal more artwork for their upcoming ShadowSea Two-Player Starter Set and a further expansion to the game, Grace Flynn - Tides Of Forever. We'll start with the Tides Of Forever artwork as it truly is rather special indeed.

Bloody Brona - ShadowSea

Leading the way we have Blood Brona here, a Vampire Highlander (well, it makes sense considering Scotland's lack of sunshine) who is out for revenge against the British Crown. Immediately that sounds like an awesome start to a story!

This book seems to be full of folks who are of a darker nature like the second of their character previews for Nerus Neptune.

Nereus Neptune - ShadowSea

He has a reputation for shooting first and answering questions later. That probably works when you're a mercenary for hire and you just need to do what your boss has told you. In this case, his boss is Grace Flynn herself.

We finish off this trio of miscreants with Seaton The Mariner who is Grace's first mate and wields dangerous Greek Fire within those grenades of his.

Seaton the Mariner - ShadowSea

So how are these characters connected to the Fantastical world of ShadowSea? Well, here's a bit more on this expansion supplement...

"Grace and her crew are lost in an ethereal storm and transported from their normal time period of the 1880's back two hundred years and into a lost underground world, where they must repair their ship and escape, doing battle across six scenarios with the denizens of ShadowSea."

Sounds awesome! It's nice to see that we're seeing more of this strange world which is pretty much unlike anything else we've seen on the tabletop before.

Angry Lizards!

As well as this look towards and expansion we have more characters from the upcoming Two-Player Starter Set as well. We focus in on the Draconids for this one specifically starting with the Cobalt Salamander.

Cobalt Salamander - ShadowSea

These hulking warriors come armed to the teeth...with teeth...and have multiple attacks in the game. They are also some of the fiercest of their kind, bred from the blood of ancient and powerful dragons. As well as being dangerous in a fight they have a natural resistance to magic and energy so you'll need to draw steel in order to take them down.

Finally for the previews for the time being we have the cunning Harlequin Lizardman Witch Slayer.

Harlequin Lizardmen Witch Slayer - ShadowSea

We showed off the Dragon Hunter last time we did a preview of this set and now it seems that the Draconids have produced a response to these pesky humans coming to invade their realm.

They carry weapons coated in an ancient alloy that allow them to disrupt the flow of magic within a user's body. Not only will you get stabbed with a knife if you come up against one of these creatures, but you'll be powerless to stop them too if you're a mage!

The Two-Player Starter Set will be part of a Kickstarter around September/October time so we've got plenty of time to check out the previews ahead of its release.

Do you play much ShadowSea?

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