Vesper-On Take To Fundraisers Once More For Carnevale!

August 8, 2013 by brennon

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Vesper-On are heading back to the fundraising platform soon to bring you Fangs & Crosses. This winter supplement for Carnevale is going to be interesting indeed...

Carnevale Fangs & Crosses

It sounds like we're going to be getting some vampires mixed in with all the Cthulhu mythos...

"The Strigoi have arrived from the heart of Europe to La Serenissima. Commanded by Drâculea, they are looking for the access to other worlds through the Rent of the Sky.

On the other hand, the Vatican, exasperated at the unchained powers in Venice wants to end with all that heresy. The rest of the forces in Venice grow up their arsenal to confronting to new and older enemies."

This one sounds like it could be a winner and I can't wait to check out the miniatures and the rules!

Carnevale is getting cold!

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