Victrix Create Battle Lines With German Tribesmen & A Saxon Fyrd

November 13, 2018 by brennon

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Victrix has been previewing some of their new plastic kits which are coming soon. The first is a set of German Tribesmen also known as their Ancient German Warriors kit.

Ancient Germanic Warriors - Victrix

The set comes with a lot of angry looking Germans which could work from between 1st Century BC to 1st Century AD. As Victrix said in their summation of the unit on Facebook they could fight against Caesarian Romans and Early Imperial Romans, plus fight as Auxiliaries for the Romans and Allies of the Dacians.

Call The Fyrd

As well as these warriors from Europe we also have the backbone of English defiance against invasion, the Saxon Fyrd.

Saxon Fyrd - Victrix Miniatures

The Fyrd was the militia that could be called upon by Warlords during the Dark Ages in Anglo-Saxon England. A Fyrd would be made up of experienced soldiers and then supplemented by those drawn from the fields and such to fight when called upon.

Warriors would be expected to supply their own equipment which is why so many of these soldiers were armed with spears, a readily available weapon during the period. A few lucky soldiers might also get themselves a sword!

Will you be snapping these up?

"...from Europe we also have the backbone of English defiance against invasion"

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