Victrix Keep Us In The Loop On New Persian Plastics

October 29, 2019 by brennon

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Victrix is talking more about the upcoming Persian Infantry plastic kits again this week as they look towards the Ancient era once more. A few more renders showed off a number of different poses which you'll be able to make from one of their extensive kits.

Oct Persian Infantry #1 - Victrix

This collection is going to have quite a few different weapons to choose from when building your force. They have talked about spears, javelins, slings, sagaris hand axes, crescent shields and also a set of hoplite-style shields as well.

Oct Persian Infantry #2 - Victrix

They have also talked about including archers in the mix as well, meaning this plastic set could potentially be the one-stop-shop you need for making the core of your Persian force. There are enough head options, poses and accessories to mean you can make some very nice and diverse models which are packed with character.

Oct Persian Infantry #3 - Victrix

I am interested to see folks mixing these in alongside some of the metal figures from the likes of Footsore Miniatures & Games and using them for Mortal Gods and the like. It would be neat to see a comparison between the two ranges to see how they measure up.

What do you make of these Persians and have you been tempted to dive into Victrix's plastic collection yet?

"...have you been tempted to dive into Victrix's plastic collection yet?"

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