Victrix Band Together Their Persian Unarmoured Cavalry

April 3, 2020 by brennon

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Victrix Limited has been showing off more of the work that has been going into their new Unarmoured Persian Cavalry set. These lightly clad horsemen will be the perfect skirmishing force for you to use in your Ancient games as you trade blows with the Greek States.

April Persian Cavalry #1 - Victrix

The above previews take a peek at the final model which was designed for the plastic set and the various options which can be used in terms of weapons and accessories. As with the Napoleonic kit that we looked at last week on the site, these miniatures are absolutely awesome and packed with dynamism. If only I didn't need to paint them and could just make an army and use it on the tabletop!

April Persian Cavalry #2 - Victrix

Even with just a few tweaks here and there, including a mix of heads and such, you've got a lot of different looking riders who are ready for a good ol' skirmish. You can see a few calm veterans there or eager young bloods who want to get their first taste of battle. Here is what Victrix had to say about how they could be used in armies...

"This makes for a very dynamic set of Persian cavalry, covering troops from the early Achaemenid empire of the 5th Century to later Achaemenid cavalry that fought the civil wars and Alexander. They could easily be used in Alexandrian Successor armies and the forces of Pontus."

The next step is for them to look into getting these miniatures into production and then working on some heavier cavalry options for the Persians. As this stands though, it looks like it is going to be a fun plastic kit to play around with!

April Persian Cavalry #3 - Victrix

After this newest peek at what Victrix has in the works, are you tempted to pick up the plastic kit when it releases and dive into painting a full Persian army for use on the tabletop? There are a myriad of skirmish and mass battle games for you to try out and they'd work for all of them!

Drop your thoughts on the new plastics down below...

"...are you tempted to pick up the plastic kit when it releases and dive into painting a full Persian army for use on the tabletop?"

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