Vive La Révolution Napoleonic Box Sets From Wargames Foundry

September 16, 2020 by avernos

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Wargames Foundry have just released box sets for collections of some of their most popular Napoleonic figures along with a delightful piece of scatter terrain. In this case the terrain is scattering body parts around but I still feel that it's a justified term. These are older figures from their ranges collected into lovely new boxes to allow you to get your hands on them with consummate ease.

Madame Guillotine Wargames Foundry

Madame Guillotine // Wargames Foundry

Madame Guillotine's marvellous social levelling machine, while probably not required for Napoleonic games is certainly a striking piece of kit for a diorama. Not for beginners but a lovely centrepiece for a town square even if you don't include the victim strapped in, having it as a grim reminder of where the Emperor came from would be a lot of fun. For pulp gamers it also makes a fantastic scenario objective, will the musketeers reach it time to prevent the Compte de Froufrou from being despatched?

Duke of Wellington and staff Wargames Foundry

Duke of Wellington and staff // Wargames Foundry

Duke of Wellington and his staff contains five mounted and five foot officers for your British Napoleonic army. There are obviously the heroes of the era that you would expect to be there, from Wellington and Daddy Hill to Major General Sir Dennis Pack along with a pair of generic ADC on foot. Whomever you need for your command staff should be available here in a handy bundle to grab.

Napoleon and staff Wargames Foundry

Napoleon and staff // Wargames Foundry

Napoleon and his Marshals like the old enemy before them is a comprehensive set of twelve with less named historical figures than it's British counterparts it nevertheless has some nice touches such as Napoleon resting his foot on a drum and his personal mamluk bodyguard Roustam Raza, which make for a lovely scenic base or mini diorama.

Overall the three sets are excellent collections, sculpted by the Perry's they may be old but the quality of them has stood the test of time for decades and will do so for decades to come. I will offer a word of warning, these were true 28mm sculpts when they were released and so sit much smaller than the "28mm" sculpts a lot of companies offer today. Since they are the Officers and Commanders of the forces though and wouldn't be in units this may not be a major issue for you. Thankfully my British force are all Foundry miniatures for the time being I don't have to concern myself.

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