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The Samurai Army Of Your Dreams? Perfect Miniatures For Fantasy & Historical Wargaming #OTTWeekender

6 months ago 24

It's OTTWeekender time! John has found himself some absolutely amazing Samurai miniatures that might just make the army of his dreams. Are they actually the perfect army for both Fantasy and Historical wargaming thanks to the mysticism around them?

Our Spring Clean Challenge Winners: From Wargaming Warbands To Lake-town Terrain! #OTTWeekender

1 year ago 34

It's OTT Weekender time! In this week's show, we go through our amazing Spring Clean Challenge Winners where we have a look at amazing wargaming warbands and stunning Lake-town Terrain that might inspire you to dive into your collection and get some of your pile of potential painted!

Pick Up Stunning Vlätkrig Paper Miniatures From Zhu Industries!


Something a bit funky for a Friday evening. If you're looking for some 25mm paper miniatures to use in your skirmish wargames and roleplaying games, have a peek at Zhu Industries' Vlätkrig collection. 

BattleTech Fan? Try Steel Rift! Exploring The Stunning Mech Miniatures Range #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! If you're a fan of BattleTech then you might want to check out the awesome Steel Rift from Ash Barker which has an absolutely stunning mech miniatures range!

Get Into A Shootout With Old Glory’s 25mm Wild West Sets


Old Glory has added some 25mm Wild West miniatures to their webstore for you to use in some classic Old West shootouts. There are two sets for you to choose from that can be used to represent both the bad guys and good guys in your tabletop games.

2020 HeroQuest Rehashed Rules & Region Locked WTF? #Weekender


Today on the OnTableTop Weekender! HeroQuest has been resurrected by Hasbro with a rehashed version of the original rule and region-locked to North America only, has this crowd funder missed the mark?

Vive La Révolution Napoleonic Box Sets From Wargames Foundry


Wargames Foundry have just released box sets for collections of some of their most popular Napoleonic figures along with a delightful piece of scatter terrain. In this case the terrain is scattering body parts around but I still feel that it's a justified term.

TH Miniatures Terrain Expands To The Desert & Wilderness


TH Miniatures has been making superb fantasy terrain for the last five years, and with the release of the Ragnarok terrain packs Thierry has continued to knock it out of the park.

TRE Games Scale Up With Airship Deimos


Take to the skies in style with the latest Airship from TRE Games suitable for 25mm and 28mm scales

GameCraft Miniatures Paintable Cobblestone Bases


GameCraft Miniatures shown off new 25mm and 60mm acrylic bases.

Stroll Across A Dirty Old Town On Tabletop Art’s New Bases


Tabletop Art have released a new set of 25mm round bases taking your miniatures to a Dirty Old Town.

British Historical Games Society Challenge Ticket Available For The UK Games Expo


If you're into looking to take part in a challenging event that runs across multiple rulesets then you might want to check out the one set up by the British Historical Games Society.

1st Corps Head Off To Solve Mysteries With New Heroes & Villains


If you like solving a mystery or two then these new 25/28mm sets from 1st Corps might be just what you need. Based on some famous faces you can now head off on a proper adventure.

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