TH Miniatures Terrain Expands To The Desert & Wilderness

July 22, 2020 by avernos

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TH Miniatures has been making superb fantasy terrain for the last five years, and with the release of the Ragnarok terrain packs, Thierry has continued to knock it out of the park. The latest offerings are two new themes a feral wilderness set, Wolf, and the sandblasted desert ruins, Scorpion.

Ragnarok - Wolf // TH Miniatures

If the name and style of these packs seem familiar then it may not surprise you to learn that Thierry was once the studio painter for Rackham and has won countless awards over the years for his brushwork before turning his hand to sculpting instead.

First up is this set of feral scatter terrain for the Ragnarok - Wolf set. Stone and wood adorning with spiralling glyphs and bedecked with tokens from those who worship there. The set contains five small pieces and then the Goddess Moon centrepiece, the smaller crescent moon is unique to the collection as is a painting guide if you wish to follow the look that Thierry has achieved on your own terrain.

“The path of the Wolf is that of the Animal, of Water and Earth, but especially that of the Moon! Its destiny, however, is written beyond the stars; freed by a primal Howl, the Wolves prowl the plains, fearlessly hunting their prey in woods and forests... This ultimate predator is the king of tracking, a being naturally filled with courage and nobility!”

They make excellent scatter or objective terrain for your fantasy tables and as far as defended obstacles go a row of rocks carved to look like teeth is more fitting than a drystone wall for a pack of wolves defending their territory.

Ragnarok - Scorpion // TH Miniatures

The uncovered remnants of desert ruins is always a good start to any pulp story worth its salt, but what if you add a touch of steampunk to that? The Ragnarok - Scorpion pack is slightly larger than the Wolf, with six smaller pieces and the large Abandoned Lab entrance being the eye-catching piece from this collection. Again there is a small unique piece in the set with a small hatch entrance to the lab, or perhaps it is the escape hatch, fulfilling that role.

This time around the serrated scorpion-esque carvings that have been cut into the sandstone give you a recurring feature along with the long broken and abandoned tech that features on walls and doors it's a very unique look for a set of terrain and if you fancy giving the sandstone a whirl there is again a painting guide included.

“The meanders of the Scorpion have driven more than one explorer completely mad, and those are the lucky ones! The corpses of those who are less fortunate are drying under the heat of the sun in this desert where for centuries this enigmatic nation of scientists has chosen to reside. Their dark goal is that of the perfect being, and the work continues in scattered underground laboratories hidden from all, filled with traps each more treacherous than the last ... The one who will uncover the secrets of the Scorpion has not yet been born … or has already died!”

Every piece that Thierry has added to the store for Ragnarok has a small piece of flavour text like those featured, telling the glimpse of a story in a wider world, which is a touch I absolutely adore. While the look is instantly recognisable to old Confrontation players all of these pieces would easily live on any fantasy and quite a few sci-fi tables as well.

Thierry has a consistent style that runs through several of the already existing ranges so the Scorpion pack could easily be blended in with the original Ragnarok pack or even the first Ruins and Fortifications that he started with and with a similar paint job would not look out of place.

I am a huge fan and already own a fair chunk of his work as it's ideal for Kings of War, Vanguard, Frostgrave and Rangers of Shadow Deep, so I  get plenty of use out of them and I suggest anyone with a fantasy itch to scratch should take a look at his ranges you will not be disappointed.

What system would you use them with?

"Every piece that Thierry has added to the store for Ragnarok has a small piece of flavour text like those featured, telling the glimpse of a story in a wider world, which is a touch I absolutely adore."

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