Vote For Your Clan’s Destiny In Legend of the Five Rings CCG By AEG

June 15, 2015 by stvitusdancern

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Voting begins today June 15th on the official fan site for Legend of the Five Rings, Imperial Assembly,  for the players choice of paths for each clan to follow in story and game play development.

A Matter of Honor

Legend of the Five Rings

The voting goes on for two weeks and at the end the results will be tabulated and the paths will be designed accordingly. One interesting point is that the voting will effect the amount of each story line, in other words if path A get 80 percent of the vote and path B gets 20 percent then a majority of the story line will consist of path A with some of path B sprinkled in based on the voters interest.

For those of you not familiar with Legend of Five Rings, is is a collectible card game based on feudal Asia in a fictional land.

Legend of the Five Rings Cards

The artwork is gorgeous and I hear the game is a lot of fun. With us collecting different games I might have to get in on this and see, even if we just end up collecting that cards that is OK with me.

What do you think of Legend of the Five Rings?

"The artwork is gorgeous..."

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