V&V Miniatures Amass More Crusader Era Arab Infantry

October 28, 2019 by brennon

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V&V Miniatures has been showing off a new set of miniatures for those who are building a Crusader-era army for the tabletop. This is the next set of four resin Arab Infantry models from them which look just as detailed as always.

Arab Infantry #2 - V&V Miniatures

Armed with spears and shields, these would make a good set of additional warriors to use as potential bodyguards for your warlord. There is a nice mix of armoured and unarmoured warriors here and each has a sword at their side as well as the spears in their hands. Whilst these would be nice to use as regular warriors I think it makes more (financial) sense to buy them as hearthguard of a sort and use other plastic kits to represent the massed troops.

Arab Infantry #2 (Alt) - V&V Miniatures

The shield designs are also very nice here and whilst they could easily just be painted in a uniform colour you could also get some transfers ready to drop into the mix too.

Are you tempted to pick up this new set of four resin miniatures?

"Are you tempted to pick up this new set of four resin miniatures?"

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