War Banner’s New Feudal Japanese Range Now Available

July 16, 2018 by brennon

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War Banner's new Samurai range is now available over on the Footsore Miniatures webstore. There is a massive selection of different models for you to pick up from their Feudal Japanese collection with many different characters and more.

Ashigaru-Kashira - War Banner

The range has been previewed several times on the site already and I think a lot of people are very interested in picking these up as alternatives or indeed supplementary figures for their games of Test Of Honour.

Ashigaru with Yari - War Banner

There are of course lots of other games out there with a Samurai theme and feel to them like Ronin from Osprey Publishing. These models could also become part of a larger army as they have access to lots of different troop types throughout that section of the store.

Ashigaru with Teppo - War Banner

My favourite models, however, have to be the different characters they have created. In particular, I really like the Onna-bugeisha that they created with her naginata at the ready!

Female Warrior - Onna-bugeisha - War Banner

If you're perhaps planning to run a role-playing session of Legend of the Five Rings I could see some of these character models being good for those who want to have miniatures to represent their heroes on the tabletop.

Whilst most of the game takes place in the mind's eye it is always nice to have a representation of your character to reference back to.

What do you think of their range?

"I really like the Onna-bugeisha that they created with her naginata at the ready!"

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