Warbases Preview New Heroes From Biforst Miniatures

January 15, 2020 by brennon

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Warbases have been talking about their new venture into the world of model making with Bifrost Miniatures. A number of characters are going to be available at Salute this year as a little bit of an official launch.

Aelana - Bifrost Miniatures

We start off with the wizard, Aelana here who could well feature as a Druid or Sorcerer depending on what you wanted to do with her paint scheme. I think there are plenty of details shown off across the model, the accessories of a spellcaster adorning her waist. She might make a good spellcaster to include in your Fantasy force or as a leader heading into the realm of Frostgrave.

Next up, we have Bronhilde here who is a Dwarf Barbarian. Clad in furs and leather and with a mighty hammer to hand would make her a good shout for anyone looking to play as a fiery character in your roleplaying games.

Bronhilde - Bifrost Miniatures

With plenty of Fantasy games also on the tabletop there is also room for her to be included as a leader of your force. I always think that Barbarians should look a little more rage-filled in their sculpts, but I don't mind this more commanding stance. Maybe just don't annoy her!

Finally, we have the Human Bard Calliope here who has been ranging the world singing her songs. Something about tossing coins and mutant monster hunters has come to mind for some reason...

Calliope - Bifrost Miniatures

Again, I quite like the miniature here that they've been tinkering on here with her sword at her side. It is cleary there for when she needs to fight to get the gold she is owed by an annoying tavern owner!

The focus of the range is going to be on building up a range of characters for use in your roleplaying games and to compliment Warbase's Darkendeep Dungeon collection. Also, they would work very nicely for all those Fantasy games out there at the moment which we've been chatting about in this piece!

What do you think of their early previews?

"What do you think of their early previews?"

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