Warcradle Announce An Expedition In Lost World Exodus

March 29, 2019 by brennon

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Warcradle is expanding on its game worlds with a new setting, Lost World Exodus. This new adventure will have eight factions fighting for control of a new world, ripe for the plundering.

Lost World Exodus - Warcradle

Whilst still contained within the same world as Wild West Exodus, Lost World Exodus takes us to an entirely new area of the planet and introduces a new host of factions each with their eyes set on much larger goals. Warcradle is going to be introducing the...

  • The Latin Alliance
  • The Commonwealth
  • The Celestian Empire
  • The Prussian Imperium
  • The British Crown
  • The Covenant of the Enlightened
  • The Union of Federated States
  • The Ottoman Sultanate

...into the mix. You will be fighting over a transformed Antarctica where these great powers will be struggling to take control of the riches afforded by this land. The game will feature a similar core set of rules to Wild West Exodus but also take on board changes to reflect the wider scope of what they are looking to achieve with the factions for this game.

The launch of 35mm scale Lost World Exodus will be coming hot on the heels of Dystopian Wars which is their 1/1200 scale naval combat also now introduced into the wider world.

Jadzia Kosciuszko Rides Into Battle

A new miniature was also announced for 2019. Jadzia will be the new promotional model for all the events that Warcradle are going to be attending over the next year. You will be able to find her at their booths and over on their webstore during events too.

Jadzia Banner - Warcradle

As you can see she will be available for a limited time during each outing. She does look rather cool and whilst offering up an interesting miniature for Wild West Exodus she, of course, falls into the groove set for Lost World Exodus as well.

Will you be trying out this new theatre of war?

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