The Wargame Spot Introduces New Game Clash Of Spears

April 19, 2019 by brennon

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The Wargame Spot has introduced a new game for those wanting to delve into Ancient skirmishes on the tabletop. Prepare for a Clash Of Spears.

Clash Of Spears - The Wargame Spot

This set of rules has been created for playing out skirmish games set during ancient times. To be exact, this means for warbands that range from around thirty to sixty models a side. They decided on small 'squads' of men rather than larger regiments to get the feel for desperate skirmishes and inspire people to delve deeper into ancient wargaming.

I'd say the book is looking rather flash, with a good level of presentation and lots of cool artwork and diagrams thrown into the mix.

Clash Of Spears Interior - The Wargame Spot

The focus of their games ties into a few different ideas, including wanting to make this a pure wargame without cards, battle boards and the like, as well as mechanics which really anchored you within the personal and gritty hand-to-hand fighting of the ancient times.

Romans, Carthaginians, and more have been added already, but there are also many more armies on the cards and they are willing to listen to input from fans on this too.

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