Wargames Atlantic Preview Their Fantasy & Sci-Fi Giant Spiders

June 25, 2020 by brennon

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Wargames Atlantic has been showing off more of their painted miniatures for the upcoming Giant Spiders plastic set. They are going to come in two different flavours with both Fantasy and Sci-Fi versions for you to play around with.

Giant Spider Fantasy #1 - Wargames Atlantic

Giant Spider With Goblin Rider // Wargames Atlantic

The first image shows off one of these skittering spiders which is rushing forward to drag its foe away into a dank cave. The plastic set actually works well alongside the plastic Goblin Warrior plastic set which is also coming soon from the team at Wargames Atlantic.

Here you can also see one of these Giant Spiders wandering out of the forest in search of a good meal. These Halflings seem like they would be a good snack for their spider queen deep within the bowels of the wood.

Giant Spider Fantasy #2 - Wargames Atlantic.jpg

Giant Spider Attacks // Wargames Atlantic

I think these look great and the posing off them looks super threatening which I think is key for these creatures. You want them to look like they are about to envelope you within their flailing limbs and claws, getting ready to bite you and let poison seep into your body from their fangs.

Giant Spiders In Space!

As well as the Giant Spiders being designed to work for Fantasy worlds, you can also check out the Giant Spiders with their Sci-Fi attachments too. The plastic kit from Wargames Atlantic comes with options for crafting armour, visors, blasters and more.

Giant Spider Sci-Fi #1 - Wargames Atlantic.jpg

Sci-Fi Giant Spider // Wargames Atlantic

If you're looking to add some alternative aliens into your games, perhaps as fiends from grimdark Sci-Fi worlds of old, then these could be a good choice. I like the idea of using them in some quirky and retro-inspired roleplaying games. With the right tweaks here and there they could also work well in something Post-Apocalyptic.

Giant Spider Sci-Fi #2 - Wargames Atlantic.jpg

Sci-Fi Giant Spider Attacks // Wargames Atlantic

Doing something pulpy and weird with these seems like a great shout, perhaps attached to a game like 7TV by Crooked Dice. I will say that personally, I do prefer the idea of them being used in a Fantasy setting, with riders and without. There is always a need for Giant Spiders skittering out of the forest.

What do you make of these new previews?

"There is always a need for Giant Spiders skittering out of the forest..."

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