Warlord Plan To Kill A King With New Pike & Shotte Supplement

March 20, 2017 by brennon

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Warlord Games have another Pike & Shotte supplement in the works with To Kill A King on the horizon allowing you play out the events of the bloody English Civil War on the tabletop. Are you a Royalist or a Roundhead?

To Kill A King

Inside the book, you're going to get information on all sorts including...

  • The Early Reign of Charles I
  • The Bishops’ Wars and the Short Parliament
  • Rebellion in Ireland
  • The First Civil War
  • The Second Civil War
  • Another War with Scotland

...as well as profiles for a lot of the high ranking officials during the period and using your forces in battle.

To Kill A King (Page Fan)

Masses of scenarios will be included allowing you to battle out some key moments in history to see if you can turn them on their head. They all appear incredibly well detailed which is just what you want when you're getting stuck into a Historical game.

To Kill A King (Page Fan Alt)

Of course, it wouldn't be a release from Warlord Games without a special miniature to go along with it. Here we have Lord Minimus with his fabulous pet monkey on his arm.

Lord Minimus

You'll be able to learn more about this fellow in the near future but you can see why the Parliamentarians might have been a bit annoyed by the Royalists at this point!

Will you be picking up this book and if so whose side will you be on?

"Are you a Royalist or a Roundhead?"

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