Warp Preview A Cackling Vampire & More For ArcWorlde

December 21, 2021 by brennon

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Warp Miniatures (previously known as Warploque Miniatures) has been sharing some more of the new stuff that is going to be popping up for ArcWorlde in 2022. Some fun Fantasy fare awaits with this Vampire taking centre stage.

Vampire - ArcWorlde

Vampire // ArcWorlde

This new Vampire is going to be at the head of a new faction in ArcWorlde when 2022 rolls around. As is the case with the other sculpts from Warp, the detail is fantastic and I like the distinctive cartoony feel to a lot of their range. I don't think it detracts from how deadly this particular fellow looks either!

Adorable Kobolds

Talking of fun miniatures, we also saw Warp painting up some of the Kobolds from their collection too. These look absolutely adorable and deadly in equal measure!

Kobolds #1 - ArcWorlde

Kobolds // ArcWorlde

There is a nice mix of different weapons in this collection from short stabby swords through to big sticks, slings and a big sword for the winged one! These would make perfect dungeon fodder for those looking to head off on a new adventure.

Kobolds #2 - ArcWorlde

Kobolds // ArcWorlde

These are some proper little dragon/dog-face looking fellows that should suit old school Fantasy fans and newer ones. I like that candles are so prevalent throughout the sculpts! They have to see in the deep dark of their underground caverns somehow!

A Woodland King

Another impressive miniature was previewed in render form recently too. Here we have the lounging Lord In The Woods, ready to bring forth his ruling on some interloper who has stepped into his domain.

The Lord In The Woods - ArcWorlde

The Lord In The Woods // ArcWorlde

Whilst I really like the Elves by Lucid Eye, I think Warp do some of the best out there too. I love how cruel and incredibly fae they look - as if they have been ripped right out of folklore. I can't wait to see how people end up painting this particular fellow.

Are you going to be checking out more from Warp Miniatures in 2022? 

"These would make perfect dungeon fodder for those looking to head off on a new adventure..."

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