Two More Web-Slingers Flip Into Marvel: Crisis Protocol

May 22, 2020 by brennon

Atomic Mass Games keep up the previews and goodies for Marvel: Crisis Protocol and dropped the funky Miles Morales & Gwen Stacy for use in your superhero games. So, if you're looking for an alternative take on Spider-Man or love Ghost-Spider then you won't have long to wait.

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The pack is going to be coming in Q3 of this year and will give you the chance to drop two rather awesome characters into the mix from the wider Marvel universe. If you want to play out the Into The Spider-Verse storyline on the tabletop then this might be a good excuse to do so.

Miles Morales - Atomic Mass Games

I love the poses for both of these characters. Mile is leaping into the fight over a classic American newspaper box in his iconic suit whilst Gwen has just dropped in from above and is getting ready to kick some arse. I am a massive Spider-Man fan and I think I would happily just pick up these variants on the classic web-slinger.

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Inside the pack, you're going to find Ghost-Spider, Spider-Man Miniature, Character Stat Cards, Team Tactic Cards, Crisis Card, Affiliation Card and Ten Tokens. You can find the specific elements of the box here and let us know what you think.

Are you going to be picking these two characters up?

"I think I would happily just pick up these variants on the classic web-slinger..."

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