Welcome The Slowest Charge With Hysterical’s Gnome Char d’Escargot

September 19, 2018 by brennon

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Slow and steady wins the race. Well, especially when you mount a bloody great big gun on the back of your chosen steed. Check out the Gnome Char d'Escargot from Hysterical Games for the world of Panzerfauste.

Gnome Char d'Escargot #1 - Hysterical Games

This was a complicated miniature to bring to life for the team at Hysterical Games but it looks fantastic. Snails are effectively slithering 'tanks' in the real world and so turning them into an engine of war for the Gnomes makes perfect sense...oddly.

I love the additional protection they have added to their snail as well, giving it its own protected eye-stalks.

Gnome Char d'Escargot #2 - Hysterical Games

Much like with tanks of World War II the rear doesn't look very well protected so you're going to want to get your forces around the back if you want to bring this lumbering creature down.

Those who snagged this model as part of the Kickstarter will get two of them in a pack but going forward the snail will be sold as a single piece as it's just so big!

What do you make of this inventive new model in the Gnome's arsenal?

"...turning them into an engine of war for the Gnomes makes perfect sense...oddly"

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